♌ That fuckin' hurt y'bastard.

3rd » Video

[Everything is dark and all sounds being picked up by the device are muffled.  What can, just barely, be made out is Hiyori muttering to herself.  After a few moments there's some shuffling followed by crash and lots of colourful cursing.  Suddenly the PCD is in the light and it's bouncing, leaving the viewer with a nice blurry view of the device's surroundings.  Finally it skids to a rest beside an upside down Hiyori.  She stops cursing when she realizes the device is on and blinks at it.]

Well, found this piece o' shit.  [Muttered mostly to herself as she rights herself and picks up the device.  The video swings around to show her run down building is still run down but at least the hole in the roof is covered.  It comes to a rest on Hiyori who has found herself a way too big coat.]

Um...Kisuke?  Y'still 'round?
♌ Pout.

2nd » Video

[The image pans around a large room in what is obviously an abandoned building.  It's dark for the most part but old, moldy furniture can be seen as well as a nice chuck of the roof that's caved in.  The image is kind of shaky but this time not from rage.

Ain't a bad place.  Needs some fixin' up but...  [She turns the camera on herself.]

Okay, it's fuckin' terrible.  Also it's really fuckin' cold.  Where d'ya get anythin' warm t'wear around here?

An' food too.

[And the feed is swiftly cut.  She really hates asking for help.]
♌ !

1st » Video

[Hey guys, have a very angry little blonde furiously staring at the contraption that appears to be in her hands.  It shakes due to her barely con- okay, uncontrollable rage.]



[She takes a few breaths, each one is let out as a growl.  This seems to help a bit. Her shaking subsides enough so that the picture isn't too blurry.  After she calms a bit she begins to mutter to herself, although it's all loud enough for the device to pick up.]

Okay...think Hiyori. You were-- And then--

So this is all just a dream!  Yeah that's it!

[She takes a quick look around at her surroundings.  As she does so her ever present scowl deepens.]

A dream where I'm alone.  [Still muttering to herself as she sets the PCD down on something. It's set at just the right angle that she can still be seen.  While it's hard to tell, a slow grin creeps across her features.]

A dream where I'm alone.  No idiots to bother me. SCORE! I can finally have some alone time!

[She glances down at the device, her scowl returning. She reaches down and picks up the PCD again before turning it over a few times.  While doing this it turns off.]